Health Questionnaire

For most people physical activity should not pose a problem or hazard. This health questionnaire has been designed to identify the small number for whom physical activity might be inappropriate or those who should have medical advice concerning the type of activity most suitable for them.

Common sense is your best guide in answering these few questions. Please read them carefully and decide whether your answer would be YES or NO to any of the questions.

1.     Has a Doctor/Medical Professional ever diagnosed you with a heart condition and indicated you should restrict your physical activity?

2.     When performing physical activity, do you feel pain in your chest?

3.     When you were not engaging in physical activity, have you experienced chest pain in the past month?

4.     Do you ever faint or get dizzy and lose your balance?

5.     Do you have an injury or orthopaedic condition (such as a back, hip, or knee problem) that may worsen due to a change in your physical activity?

6.     Do you have high blood pressure or a heart condition in which a Doctor / Medical Professional is currently prescribing a medication?

7.     Are you pregnant or have you recently given birth?

8.     Do you have insulin dependent diabetes or suffer from epilepsy or have any allergies?

9.     Do you know of any other reason you should not exercise or increase your physical activity?


If you believe that your answer is YES to any of the above you must obtain medical advice before undertaking an exercise programme.

For the avoidance of doubt, neither the facilities nor any of itís employees and/or agents accept liability for any injury caused to you where such injury is the result of your failure to seek qualified advice from a Doctor or Medical Professional before starting any physical activity at the gym.

To ensure maximum physical fitness to you and to increase your safety within the facilities, we strongly recommend that you undertake a supervised induction whatever your physical condition.